Vanesa Envy Spray Perfume for Men 60ml

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A perfect aroma.

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Envy from Vanesa has a masculine scent with a provocative blend of healing herbs, dewy flora and exotic woods. Spray it on for a long-lasting protection against bad body odour and sweat.

How to Use 1. Spray the perfume on your pulse points, namely, the inner wrists, base of the throat near the collar bone, behind ear lobes, inner elbows, cleavage, and behind the knees immediately after bathing.
2. The above mentioned pulse points emit body heat, which allows the perfume to diffuse from the body, hence, allowing it to leave behind a trail of scintillating fragrance.
Tips & Tricks 1. Dab on unscented moisturizer before spraying on the perfume as the perfume stays on longer when the skin is hydrated.
2. Avoid rubbing the wrists together post application, as it diminishes the effect of the perfume.
3. We swear by applying petroleum jelly before spraying on the perfume as the perfume droplets cling to the petroleum jelly rather than sinking into your skin pores which helps in maximizing the aroma.
4. Further maximize the effect by misting the hair with the fragrance so as to leave a gentle scent in your wake.